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There are several options available with automatic garage door openers and we have experience in all types.


We can survaey your garage and your existing door and advise you on suitability, type and options. You can click on any image to enlarge it.



Automatic Garage Door Openers


Function, safety and security

Burglar-retardant thanks to 1 billion security codes.


  • Exclusively from Hörmann and patented throughout the whole of Europe:


  • Door latching in the operator boom.


  • The door automatically locks on closing, making it impossible to force it open.


  • Adjustable "soft start and soft stop" gives smooth operation


  • Safe - on encountering an obstruction the door comes to an immediate halt.


  • Elegant, slate grey plastic cover.

  • Garage lighting.


  • Push and pull force max: 500 N.(RAL-GZ 740)


  • Automatic door latching, real protection against levering open of the door (Hormann Patent)


Remote Control Options



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Garage Door Automation

Once considered a luxury, automated garage doors, are now much more AutoDoorcommon place in fact they are the norm rather than the exception. We know that people who have their garage door automated would never think of going back to struggling with that heavy structure in all types of weather.

So, why not Automate your existing Garage Door and stop getting wet in the rain, or fighting with it in the wind. Take the effort away from this tedious task at the touch of a button. Most types of Garage door can be successfully automated (some Canopy types excluded).

All garage door electric operators are extremely reliable, fully guaranteed and can stop/start the door at any time you wish from a comfortable distance away. At least two convenient, small remote handsets are provided with each motor.

Click to enlargeIf you want the door to stop halfway down or indeedClick to enlargeany where in its cycle, just press the button and it's done.

A sensitive safety override, automatically retracts the door if it detects a risk of crushing something.

Low power use means that operating costs are negligible. Manual override exists in the event of a power failure.

For security and peace of mind each operator has its own unique securityClick to enlargecoding, easily programmed in but tamperproof once activated.

There is an inbuilt security light in the operator to welcome you inside, which stays on for about two minutes. Security is enhanced because the important parts are inside the garage, not mounted externally.

Other option for controling your garage door are available including keypads and other types of remote control. (see left)


Click to enlargeAutomatic door latching in the operator boom When the door closes, the doorsecurity kit automatically engages into the boom stop. This provides effective security to prevent the door from being forced open. The device is entirely mechanical, so functions even during a power failure!


Uninvited guests are left out in the cold!Click to enlarge
Our automatic garage door operators, protect the door from being forcibly levered open. Would-be intruders don’t stand a chance!

You, the customer, enjoy security. Day and night. Night and day.


Additional emergency release Click to enlarge

For garages without a second access door, we offer you the following options for opening your garage door from the outside in an emergency (e.g. in the event of a power failure). or you could choose our Emergency Accumulator.


No power supply in your garage?

Click to enlargeProMatic Akku – the practical operator for garages without a mains connection.

• Power for up to 30 days
You can enjoy the operating comfort of a garage door operator for up to 30 days without having to recharge the accumulator in between.


Click to enlarge

• Easy overnight recharging
Similar to the recharging of a mobile phone, the accumulator issimplyconnected to a power outlet using the supplied charger. Theaccumulator then fully recharges overnight and your operator isready for use again.



Solar-Module (optional)
A practical extension to ProMatic Akku takes over battery charging. Delivery includes installation material, 10 m connecting lead and charge regulator. Dimensions: 300 x 400 mm

• Particularly convenient. The optional solar module saves you having to recharge the accumulator manually. The module is simply mounted to the side or on top of the garage.


Click to enlargeThe emergency accumulator
This emergency power supply allows you to bridge mains power failures for up to 18 hours and to carry out 5 door cycles. The emergency accumulator fits onto the current Hörmann garage door operators (SupraMatic E and P, ProMatic P).




When you choose a Hörmann door operator, you are opting for state-of-the-art operator technology and for quality that you can rely on.


So, if you like what you see, please don't hesitate to give us a call for a free, 'no obligation' quotation.

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