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Canopy Doors

The door swings outwards as it opens (but not quite as much as a retractable door) it then slides upwards into the ceiling of your garage leaving one-third of the door protruding outside the garage and taking up less room inside.  Consequently a little more room is required outside the garage door to open it.

Pivot points are located about two-thirds of the way down the door, which helps improve the security of the door.  2 and 4 point locking options are available as well as pre-framed versions.

Canopy doors are the easy to install as the entire door mounts to the door frame and no tracks are required inside the garage.  The down side is that automating a canopy door is not recommended, a specially designed opener available but it is more expensive than normal electric openers.

Canopy doors are generally available in all materials: Steel, Timber, GRP and ABS.  With this door type fitted the drive through width will not be reduced beyond the door frame.